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Kitchen makeover versus new kitchen – which should you do?

Exploring the kitchen options.

No longer like the look of your kitchen? Is it just looking tired? It might be time to consider a new kitchen or a kitchen makeover- we have listed the common debates between the two.

Current Kitchen space.

With a new kitchen you have the opportunity to change the layout to make it work better for you, this can include major structual changes to the space or just simply a redesign. If you are happy with the layout or just require a few simple changes – a makeover is a good option giving you’re kitchen a new look, by changing the colour and design of the doors.


A brand new kitchen allows you to add all the drawers and clever storage systems you need. But, you  can have all of the same systems with a makeover – still utilising your existing units. All makeovers can include soft close hinges, drawers and pull outs to match the quality of a new kitchen.


The most obvious comparison will always be the cost. A new kitchen will be significantly more expensive than a makeover due to the need to replace everything. You can create an almost identical look with a makeover for a fraction of the cost.

Time and hassle

A new kitchen will take at least two weeks from start to finish. A makeover can normally be completed in several days. This means that a makeover is less hassle and stress for you – you can have your new kitchen up and running within a few days.


This will be ultimately down to exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for cosmetic changes to create a new look kitchen then a makeover is a fantastic, cost effective option.

If money is no object and you are happy to wait the additional time then a full new kitchen is a great idea .


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